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15. When trying to change the perception about certain issues in public, especially when dealing with groups that very hatefull towards some others.

When you want to bring forth a story that can change their opinion, is it better to tell a story that focuses on an individual - such as example of gay soldier you just gave - or is it better to talk about gay people as a group?

In the first case you have the individual vs. community and in the second case is group vs. group

14.There was a case where a list of once conviceted and now released pedophiles was made public in a national newspaper. The media argued that it is in public interest to publish such list, even if it endagers the lives of those listed. and their by-argument was that such list is anyway publicicly available from police at request, and that most people don't know about this.

Can this be considered a responsible or ethical move?

16. How do you as journalist, in practical sense, approach people and get them to talk to you about issues, especially when they are not willing or ready to do so?

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Aidan White - Novinar iz Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva i Direktor Mreže za Etičko Novinarstvo / Ethical Journalism Network

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Autor je više publikacija, kao što su: Journalism, Civil Liberties and the War on Terror (2006), Making a World of Difference: the Story of Global Unions (2006) i To Tell You the TRUTH: the Ethical Journalism Initiative (2008).


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